More Testimonials

"This online school offers a phenomenal opportunity to bring the Dharma into your home (or wherever you remotely view). As a working parent, these courses provide a way to meaningfully engage in the classes free of distraction. The platform provides for smooth viewing, convenience, and the ability to ask questions (and receive quick and thoughtful responses from the instructors). I also enjoy being able to have the written materials at my fingertips, the ability to go back to topics or portions that are new, all while taking notes at the same time. Can’t sleep, midweek blues, spare time - these ministers and professors are merely a click away. The online Sangha awaits. In gassho."

- Erin Hernandez, California

"I have had the pleasure of taking many online courses at this school. They are invariably informative, helpful and enjoyable. Pure Land Buddhism is a brilliant, mysterious jewel, and the teachers of these courses shed light on each facet with wit, knowledge and a spirit of devotion."

- Tricia Hutchins, New Hampshire

"I have taken two online classes this summer, (my very first class online!) I am relatively new to Buddhism so my desire to find out how Buddhism lives within me is strong. The subjects offered span a wide range for all levels of seekers and are described very clearly. I am unable to attend in the evening so the classes and past lectures offered really provide me with a very convenient way to further my studies. I am a better learner when I can listen to and discuss various commentary. This online forum provides opportunity to pause and reflect on the lessons and get emailed feedback to my own comments. I am very much looking forward to adding more online classes to my continuing Buddhist education. Thank you for being available and for sharing the Dharma in this way."

- Carroll Ann Palmer, California